I love writing – especially in German. I’m writing short stories, essays, newspaper articles, scientific papers and – in the age of 17 – I’ve also written a novel.


«Definition und Analyse der Rolle des Sidekicks im 3D-Animationsfilm»

This thesis deals with the characteristics of sidekicks and their use-cases in animated movies. Sidekicks are not limited to amusing the audience, but also support the narrative. They primarily use their physical and mental properties to create a strong contrast to the protagonist, thus complementing his role. It’s important to note that there are various and peculiar types of sidekicks that are employed based on the respective story. It can be hard for the audience to discern the respective role of the sidekick, since companies like Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks often portray them in a similar, humorous manner. During the course of this thesis, a comprehensive analysis device is introduced to identify and categorise different types of sidekicks.

2014 | PDF download | University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg | Graded with A


«Kellerkind – Julia Ocker»

During my studies of Digital Arts at Unisversity of Applied Sciences Hagenberg in May 2013 I wrote an essay about an short film I’ve seen at FMX2013. This short film is called Kellerkind from Julia Ocker and my text analyzes characters, story and Ockers work with light and darkness.

2013 | PDF download | University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg | Graded with A


«Der Schein trügt – die Welt im digitalen Wandel»

This essay deals with Vilen Flussers theory about the digital appearance (germ.: Digitaler Schein) and how big its influence for modern human beings is. An analyzation of the movies Life of Pi, The Great Gatsby and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey exposes the power of our technologies and how easy it is to confound fact an fiction. Furthermore there is a short comparison between digital appearance and uncanny valley.

2013 | PDF download | University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg | Graded with A-



In 2013 and 2014 I worte some news articles for Askimo (Organisation for Austrian Ski Mountainering) and since 2013 I’m writing for regional papers like MeinBezirks Rundschau, Ischler Woche and Tips too.

since 2013 | meinBezirk-profile | IschlerWoche | Tips | Askimo


«Auswirkungen und Einflüsse der Websprache auf das reale Sprachverhalten»

The thesis discusses the influence of the new media – especially the impact of the internet – on the language habits of their users. The first part analyzes the characteristics of correct German and shows some of its most important components like grammar, orthography, pragmatics, semantics, lexis and phonetics. The second part analyzes the specifics of online communications and how it is used in chats, bulletin boards and social networks. Furthermore an experiment which was realized in cooperation with “Commercial Vocational College Bad Ischl” should illustrate the interdependency of school language and web language. In the end the theories of George Orwells 1984 and Neil Postmans The Technopoly are compared to the conclusions of the previous chapters and it is shown why there doesn’t exists something like the “destruction of a language” and what the real menace of new media is.

2012 |  PDF download | University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg | Graded with A


«Tom Bishop – Der Krieger erwacht»

In 2006 the manuscript of my phantasy book was sent to some publishers in Austria and Germany.In 2007 was my book published with the support of Novum Pro Verlag. After some short stories in my later childhood this book was my first big publication.

2007 | novumVerlag | amazon