During my time at University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg I’ve also worked on some games projects.


Satellite is a mobile game where the player has to shoot satellites onto orbits around the planet. He earns money for each satellite which circulates a full round without crashing. The game was produced within 3 weeks in a 2-man team. My responsibilities were game design, menu design, audio design and level design.

2013 |  Download | Chris Lindner


X-PLATFORM GAMEwallpaper-01

Glub is a game for mobile devices and serveral plattforms which was developed in the 1st semester of Digital Arts at University of Applied Science Hagenberg in a team of 3 members. I was responsible for the game concept, character design & animation and level design.

2013 | watch teaser |  Angelika Bugl & Christoph Lipphart | DownloadFacebook 

SNAKE SPECIALsnatom_logo

Snatom was a team project in the 4th semenster at University of Applied Science Hagenberg in 2011 and is a combination of the words snake and atom. The snake eats radioactive elements to prevent the earth to die an atomic death. The project was realized within 2 days from planning to delivering. I was responsible for the game development, character and menu design.

2011 |  Angelika Bugl & Christoph Lipphart | Michaela Wiesinger