During my time at University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg I’ve also worked on some film projects.

«Face of Guilt»

A horror short as a semester project in 2012 of University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg which should disturb the spectators by using easthetically but cruel pictures and almost unbearable sounds. PlotA guy is persued by a stranger and gets knocked down. He wakes up in a creepy cellar and the torture starts. Why is the stranger doing these violent things?
The teamsize was 6 members – my fields of responsibilities were concept, casting, storyboard, set design, light design.

2012 | watch video


MUSIC VIDEOlunariseSlide
«Dead Alley by Luna Rise»

A video production for a local band Luna Rise with their song Dead Alley in 2011.
PlotA beautiful girl wakes up in a forrest. It is night. She seems disorientated and wanders around without a clear direction. Some old TVs are placed at several points and show the actress a band playing a wonderful music.
We worked together in a team of 7 members and I was responsible for conception, screen play, storyboard, set design, light design, direction-assistance and parts of the post production.

2011 | watch video | Luna Rise | Chris Lindner